Register online (see below) or by mail for the S.E. Michigan AWANA Grand Prix Finals on March 3, 2018.


2018 Racing Specifications

    1. Cars will race by club and be judged for both design and speed.
    2. All cars must be made from a new block of wood purchased during this AWANA year.
    3. No car may race that has competed in a local church in prior club years.
    4. Wheels and axles must be purchased from AWANA and must be easily recognized as such.
    5. Cars shall not exceed 7 inches length, 2 ¾ inches width, and 3 inches height.
    6. Cars must have at least 3/8 inch clearance between the track and the bottom of the car body. Distance between the wheels must be at least 1 ¾ inches.
    7. Cars must be able to sit behind the starting pin with no part of the car extending past the pin. We suggest the car’s front end not exceed 5/8 inch from the ground. Cars cannot “ride up” on the pin.
    8. Weight of the car and all accessories shall not exceed 5 ounces.
    9. All weights must be stationary and securely fastened to the car.
    10. Any additions to the block of wood must be built securely into the car.
    11. Bearings, bushings, and washers are forbidden. The car’s painted wooden surface is the only surface allowed to contact the wheels.  If wheels contact anything else, the car is illegal.
    12. Wheels may NOT be altered in any way. Wheel shape may NOT be altered from the original condition (i.e., rounded, beveled, cupped, shaved, tapered, etc.). The injection sprue (see picture) must be removed, and the inside of the rim can be sanded due to sprue removal; but otherwise, the wheels must be the same shape, size, and profile as they come in the AWANA kit. Wheel treatment (hub and tread smoothing and polishing) is allowed but may NOT result in substantial removal of mass or in reducing wheel width, shape, size, or profile from original kit wheels. If wheels are found to be illegal, they must be replaced with new wheels (available in Repair), or the car will be disqualified.
    13. Starting devices are prohibited.
    14. Cars must pass final inspection for all categories before they will be officially registered.
    15. Drivers must be members of the club, leaders, or teens and are encouraged to wear uniforms.
    16. It is recommended (but not required to race) that all race participants not accompanied by their parent or guardian should have a parental consent and release of liability form submitted to their church. Churches should bring the forms with them to the race.


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To pay the registration fee with a credit card, call (248) 646-2000 extension 2 to provide the requisite information; otherwise, mail a check or money order to:


Grace Baptist Church

Attn: Bob Thom

280 East Lincoln Street

Birmingham, MI  48009-3673


***Registration fees increase from $25 to $30 per category if payment is not called in (for credit cards) or postmarked (for checks or money orders being mailed) by February 24.


To download a flyer with registration form to mail in, click here.