A Memorable Meal

Give Thanks

Paul’s First Recorded Sermon

A Biblical Response to Human Government

The Call and Course of Missions

God’s Providential Care, Part 1

God’s Providential Affliction

Persecution, Prayer, and Praise

What Does God Say About Fear?

The Effect of God’s Work in Antioch

The Spirit Bade Me Go

Personal Instructions

He Is Lord of All

Our Triumph in Christ

Two Visions and an Open Door

How to Love God Properly

Three Sacrifices

Paul’s New Ministry

Paul’s Conversion Testimony

Five Signs of Revival

What Makes God Who He Is?

Showing Brotherly Love

The Salvation of the Ethiopian Eunuch

A Lesson from Two Mountains

The Spread of the Gospel

The Stoning of Stephen

The Sermon of Stephen

God’s Hand of Correction

The Stand of Stephen

Opportunity for Service

The Christian Life Is Like a Race

Formula for Revival

Some Final Lessons about Faith

Persecution and Providence

Rescuing a Generation, Part 2

Rescuing a Generation, Part 1

Opportunity in Opposition

The Centrality of God’s Word in Our Lives

The Life of Joy

Joyful Gospel Partnership

Persecution Comes to the Church

Peter’s Second Sermon

The Healing of the Lame Man

A Biblical Pattern for the Church

Because He Lives

The Impact of the Cross

Behold Your King!

The Response to Peter’s Sermon

Peter’s First Sermon

About COVID-19

How to Have Perfect Peace

Decisions of the Disciples

Abraham: Faith That Obeys Completely

Ye Shall Be Witnesses

Noah: Faith That Witnesses Boldly

His Mission Is Our Focus

Enoch: Faith That Walks Pleasingly

Willingly Blind

Abel: Faith That Worships Correctly

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

A Warning to Willful Sinners

The Source of True Contentment

Their Eyes Were Opened

Judah’s Royal Sons: Introduction

What Kind of Soil Are You?

Cultivate a Virtuous Life

Isaiah’s Three-fold Vision

How to Be Empowered by God’s Word

How Good Is Your Spiritual Vision?

Hope of Christmas, Part 1

Hope of Christmas, Part 2

Our Lord, Emmanuel – Part 1

Our Lord, Emmanuel – Part 2

Prophecies Fulfilled

Practical Imperatives

Love One Another

How to Be Compassionate Like God

The Cure for Anxiety

From Problems to Praise

Serving Like Jesus

The Presence and Protection of God

A Better Sacrifice, Part 3

A Better Sacrifice, Part 2

A First Responder

A Better Sacrifice, Part 1

Deacons: The Solution for a Need

A Superior Ministry and Covenant

The Priesthood of Christ

Forbearing and Forgiving One Another

Now Consider How Great This Man Was

You Can Trust God’s Promises

Full Assurance of Hope

Be Courteous, Caring, and Friendly

The Tragedy of Spiritual Immaturity

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Serve One Another

Edify One Another

I Must Tell Jesus

Love and Comfort One Another

Striving Together in Relationships

What Kind of Friend Are You?

Five Characteristics of a Godly Man

Promised Rest

Confess to and Pray for One Another

Departing from the Living God

The Incomparable Christ

Grandpa’s Legacy

The Book of Ruth: An Overview

The Garments of Our Lord

Warning: Don’t Drift Away!

God Hath Spoken

Paul’s Pursuit of Christ

TMSO Concert Gospel Challenge

A Good Man

Christ’s Condescension

Physical Care

Spiritual Care

The Dangers of a Critical Spirit

Why Am I Still Here?

God Can Use You

Singing Spiritually

Life in Christ Demands Unity

How Should a Believer Live?

Joy in Suffering

Dedication to Christ

Be Thankful