Fulfilling God’s Divine Plan

The Contest on Mount Carmel

Personal Words to the Saints in Rome

A Refreshing Evangelism

Learning to Trust God

Not I, But Christ

The Lord’s Supper

Elijah: A Man of Prayer and Boldness

The Basics of Church Life, Part 2

The Basics of Church Life, Part 1

The Prodigal’s Father

Wake Up and Get Ready

Worshipping God Correctly

Praising Our Wonderful God

Who Is a Wise Man?

The Lord’s Pattern for Prayer

Loving Others

Three Essentials for Salvation

Good Christians Make Good Citizens

Five More Friends in Ministry

What Kind of Servant Are You?

Living for Christ in a Lost World

Blessed Is the Man

Keys to Endurance in the Faith

Lessons from Onesimus

Serving in the Body of Christ

Five Character Traits of Good Friends

Called to Die to Self

The Prayer and Practice of a Believer

A Psalm of Godly Resolutions

The Christlike Life at Work

The Christlike Life at Home

A Living Sacrifice

Off with the Old, On with the New

The Path to Following Jesus

Easter Cantata, Part 2, and Sermon

Easter Cantata, Part 1

Good Friday Service, Part 2

Good Friday Service, Part 1

An Unexpected King

Five Glorious Truths

How to Counsel a Troubled Soul

God Wants You to Serve Him

Prayer and Predestination

Christ’s Work of Reconciliation

I Sing the Mighty Power of God

The Preeminence of Christ

The End of the Story

Praying for Others

Glory Through Suffering

Why and How to Pray for Nationals

Missions: The Greatest Work of Love

Gracious Giving

A Pardon and a Presence

Think on These Things

Our Battle with Sin

Four Imperatives and a Promise

Standing Together in Love

Restoration: Mandate & Method

Knowing Christ

A Psalm of Praise from the Individual

A Psalm for Giving Thanks

The Blessings of Justification

True Humility

Hopeful, Worshipful Suffering

The Power and Extent of Justification

A Life That Is Lived for Christ

Three Reasons to Rejoice

Learning to Pray Like Paul

Faith’s Freedom

Our Joy Is Found in Jesus Christ

How to Pray for Missionaries

Abraham Was Justified by Faith

Paul’s Voyage to Rome, Part 3

Paul’s Voyage to Rome, Part 2

How Are We Justified?

Paul’s Voyage to Rome, Part 1

Add to Your Faith

God’s Verdict on the Human Race

A Psalm of Praise

Come unto Me

The Components of Discipleship

Testimonies Before Kings

The Condemnation of the Religious Man

Paul’s Defense in Caesarea

Courage Is Contagious

The Condemnation of the Moral Man

Godly Reactions to Ungodly Treatment

From Frustration to Fear to Faith


How to Face Your Enemies

Lessons Learned about Trusting Christ

An Introduction to the Book of Romans

Five Orders for Godly Men

The Confidence of Knowing Christ

Praising God

Finishing Strong

The Guidance of God

A Mother’s Influence

An Uproar in Ephesus

Christ, Our Sacrifice

God’s Work in Ephesus

Being Used for God’s Glory

Pursuing God

By the Will of God

A Dangerous Side of God’s Blessing

God’s Provisions in Corinth

Paul’s Sermon on Mars Hill

A Tale of Two Cities

How God Uses Prisons

Following God’s Leading

The Work of God Continues

The Stoning of Paul

From Fear to Faith

God’s Work in Iconium

Paul’s First Recorded Sermon

The Call and Course of Missions

Persecution, Prayer, and Praise

The Effect of God’s Work in Antioch

The Spirit Bade Me Go

He Is Lord of All

Two Visions and an Open Door

Paul’s New Ministry

Paul’s Conversion Testimony

The Salvation of the Ethiopian Eunuch

The Spread of the Gospel

The Stoning of Stephen

The Sermon of Stephen

The Stand of Stephen

Opportunity for Service

Persecution and Providence

Opportunity in Opposition

Persecution Comes to the Church

Peter’s Second Sermon

The Healing of the Lame Man

A Biblical Pattern for the Church

The Response to Peter’s Sermon

Peter’s First Sermon

Decisions of the Disciples

Ye Shall Be Witnesses