The Source of True Contentment

Their Eyes Were Opened

Judah’s Royal Sons: Introduction

What Kind of Soil Are You?

Cultivate a Virtuous Life

Isaiah’s Three-fold Vision

How to Be Empowered by God’s Word

How Good Is Your Spiritual Vision?

Hope of Christmas, Part 1

Hope of Christmas, Part 2

Our Lord, Emmanuel – Part 1

Our Lord, Emmanuel – Part 2

Prophecies Fulfilled

Practical Imperatives

Love One Another

How to Be Compassionate Like God

The Cure for Anxiety

From Problems to Praise

Serving Like Jesus

The Presence and Protection of God

A Better Sacrifice, Part 3

A Better Sacrifice, Part 2

A First Responder

A Better Sacrifice, Part 1

Deacons: The Solution for a Need

A Superior Ministry and Covenant

Every Good Path

Speak, Lord, for Thy Servant Heareth

The Priesthood of Christ

Forbearing and Forgiving One Another

Now Consider How Great This Man Was

You Can Trust God’s Promises

Full Assurance of Hope

Be Courteous, Caring, and Friendly

The Tragedy of Spiritual Immaturity

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Serve One Another

Edify One Another

I Must Tell Jesus

Love and Comfort One Another

Striving Together in Relationships

What Kind of Friend Are You?

Five Characteristics of a Godly Man

Promised Rest

Confess to and Pray for One Another

Departing from the Living God

The Incomparable Christ

Are You in the Lord’s Service?

Grandpa’s Legacy

The Book of Ruth: An Overview

The Garments of Our Lord

Be Not Faithless, But Believing

The Example of Mary of Bethany

We Didn’t Know Who You Were

Warning: Don’t Drift Away!

God’s Design for Marriage, Part 2

God’s Design for Marriage, Part 1

A Walk in Wisdom

God Hath Spoken

A Walk in Light

Paul’s Pursuit of Christ

A Walk in Love

A Walk in Holiness

God’s Gifts That Build the Church

TMSO Concert Gospel Challenge

A Worthy Walk

Praying for Others

A Minister Examined

A Mystery Revealed

A Good Man

Christ’s Condescension

Christ in Isaiah

The Lost Star, Part 1

The Lost Star, Part 2

Unity of Jews and Gentiles in Christ

Physical Care

The Greatest Change in an Individual

Praying for Others

Spiritual Care

To the Praise of His Glory

The Offering of Thanksgiving

David’s Psalm of Praise

Be Strong

When God Writes on the Wall

The Message to the Church at Laodicea

The Message to the Church at Sardis

The Message to the Church at Thyatira

The Dangers of a Critical Spirit

The Message to the Church at Pergamos

The Message to the Church at Smyrna

The Message to the Church at Ephesus

Christian Growth Checkup

Singing through Psalm 95

My Glory, All the Cross

Why Am I Still Here?

Are You a Friend of God?

Our Ministry to Others

What Do You Have to Lose?

God Can Use You

Stop Worrying and Start Trusting

An Argument from an Allegory

Paul’s Loving Plea

No More a Servant But a Son

What the Law Can’t Do, Christ Can

For Such a Time as This

The Faith of Abraham

Singing Spiritually

Life in Christ Demands Unity


How Should a Believer Live?

The Lord’s Supper

Joy in Suffering

Dedication to Christ

Be Thankful